Ms. Kimberly’s May News

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Welcome May! Our chicks have hatched, and we are taking care of them in our classroom for a couple weeks before they go to their new home! Alongside this excitement, we have been busy in our school garden, preparing it for the upcoming growing season while enjoying the beautiful spring weather. We have started different vegetable plants, herbs, and flowers, which we will be transplanting into our school garden.

The children have been honing their name-writing skills, letter and number recognition demonstrating remarkable progress. We will continue to practice name writing through different methods like tracing in sand and exploring with shaving cream, and we will continue to explore creative ways to reinforce these skills! 

– Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Brandi, and Ms. Angelina

Alphabet Focus: We’ll be reviewing all the alphabet letters. During our activities, we will develop proficiency in recognizing, writing, and connecting these letters with their corresponding sounds. We will also continue to practice recognizing and writing our names and numbers!


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