Ms. Kimberly’s April News

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Welcome April! Throughout this month, our focus will be on exploring various themes such as weather, the arrival of spring, and farm animals. Our community helper spotlight will shine on farmers, and we will learn about their important role within our community.

Excitement awaits as we prepare to witness the miracle of life firsthand by hatching chicks right in our classroom. Alongside this experience, we will learn about the life cycle of chickens and complete other activities that complement the different themes of the month.

As the season transitions into spring, we will take refreshing walks outdoors, where we will search for the signs of spring.

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Get ready for a month filled with discovery, learning, and joy!

All the Best,

Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Brandi, and Ms. Angelina

Alphabet Focus: We’ll be concentrating on the letters X,  Y, and Z. During our activities, we will develop proficiency in recognizing, writing, and connecting these letters with their corresponding sounds. We will also continue to practice recognizing and writing our names!


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