Miss Kristin’s September News

Happy September and welcome to First Steps! My name is Miss Kristin. I will be the preschool and 1/2 day UPK teacher this year. I am cherished to have this opportunity to grow and learn with your children. We are excited in the preschool and1/2 day UPK room to introduce you all to the space, the interesting manipulative and toys, and mostly our kind hearts and each other. Friendship, family and joy are what are most important here and through that love and trust we will provide a safe, fun and enriching program for everyone. We would love to have a family picture from each student for the family bulletin board. This just fills our space with pride and joy. Students walk by that board all year and are just reminded of the great love they have in their lives, as are we. I am excited for the adventures we will have this year and I can’t wait to meet you all! 

Family Photo Graphic

We will start our year off, this month in September, by learning about each other and ourselves. We will have so much fun making friends, playing together, and being silly. We will talk about self-love and love for others. Like, what it means to be a great friend. We will focus on the beautiful monarch caterpillar, as we will have our own butterfly enclosure to study in the classroom. As the temperature slightly chills this month and the apple trees begin to produce we will focus on the national fruit! We love to incorporate culture and traditions from all over the world. Each month we focus on a different country.  Our country of study this month is the USA.  

American Flag Image

So, here’s to a great start! See you soon!

Best Kristin