Miss Kristin’s November News

Hello families!

The month of November is full of love, togetherness and reflection. We are going to have a fun month here at First steps! 

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we will be talking about families and love. We will talk about who is in our family, things we like to do with our family and how all families are different. We will focus on what we are thankful for, recognizing most of which is actually not materialistic. We will discuss what it means to be thankful. We will discuss who, where and what feelings we are grateful for. The students will also be learning a bit about the first thanksgiving. We will talk about the importance of sharing and how that meal was shared between two groups that could each bring something. As Thanksgiving nears, we will share a special snack together in our classroom. 

This month we will also be studying forest animals! The animals children see outside in our forest environment of the Hudson valley have began to prep for winter by gathering food and shedding thin coats for thick ones. The students will have lots of fun conducting activities that highlight that! We are very excited for the projects coming your way.

The country of study for November is Japan. We are thrilled to announce we will have a guest speaker coming to present this country to the students. Thank you so much to the McGeady family for your contribution of knowledge and experience. 

Friendly reminders: As the weather continues to get colder, please make sure you are sending your child with a layer. 

Parent teacher conferences are on 

November 3. 

Thank you, 

Miss Kristin 

UPK and Preschool team