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May is here and so is the sun! We are so happy to be outside more as the weather continues to warm. Some days are still chilly, especially in the morning. Please make sure you send your child with a light jacket or sweater. We are looking forward to all the beauty May brings us and all the adventures we will go on in the garden, different areas on the school grounds and on walks!

April was so much fun. We talked about the rain as April showers bring may flowers! We created projects focused around the rain, read books about the rain and why it’s good, and learned about types of clouds. We also learned about gardens and how things grow. Students read stories about different types of gardens and then created some. We made a flower garden and focused on the parts of a flower. We got to draw pictures of flowers and even made one out of clay. Then, painted it. We created a classroom vegetable garden on our bulletin board and talked about things we wanted to plant in the First Step’s garden. We made all of the vegetables out of paper! These pieces of food were so creative and well thought out. Some examples of what students made are carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, and strawberries. We learned that vegetables could be different colors. Such as purple potatoes and carrots. April took us on so many learning adventures as we continued through our study of spring and gardening. 

We did some experiments in April with seeds and cut fruit. Our seed experiment was “will our bean sprout”? The students planted their own seeds and then watched carefully to see if their hypothesis or guess was right. We read “Jack and the Bean Stalk” and drew our own pictures of a growing bean! 

We conducted an experiment on cut fruit and vegetables. We did this with a potato and an apple. We cut it. Everyone cut one piece. We guessed what would happen to it.  We left it overnight. Then, the next day, we talked about and recorded how it had changed. We discovered that air or being left out in the air actually changed the fruit! It changed the color and the freshness of the fruit. We recorded our findings in the class science book. 

We introduced water play outdoors in April as well. The students are so excited to be playing and pouring together in the sunshine. We are having a blast in gym and music. We learned some spring games in gym like volleyball and baseball. We sang lots of spring songs in music with Uncle Rock. The song “Inch by Inch” was indeed a favorite among students. 

It’s been a month of growth and adventure. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful blessings with us each day. 


Miss Kristin  “Everything grows, it’s destined to change.” – J.Cole 


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