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Dear families, 

Happy March! This month we welcome spring, growth, and embrace each other with luck and love. Our country of study this month will be Ireland. We will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with a special treat and seasonal art project on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

Thank you for a month of February filled with kindness. We had so much fun talking about love and how we can spread love and kindness to one another. The students had a blast using all the fun Valentine’s Day materials in the classroom on their free art projects. They also loved making a card for someone they love at home as well as passing out Valentine’s to one another. 

Our building study was a lot of fun. We branched out from trees and items made of wood, to buildings and types of structures included in a community! We built our own community with blocks and figures in our block area and pretended to be builders in dramatic play using play tools! 

February was the Chinese New Year and our school study of China. The kids enjoyed the dragons associated with Chinese culture very much. We made our own dragons using materials like pipe cleaners, felt, feathers and a paper towel roll. The students tried their hand at making stars or found stars in different resource areas of the classroom to complete their flag. Some of the kids used two triangles; one upside down and one right side up to make a star. This was the completion of a six-pointed star. However, I was very impressed with the connection from our previous study of Israel and the six-pointed star or Star of David that appears on that flag. The students independently found other choices for the stars on the flags of China by accessing the art area. Some ideas were stickers and yellow paper. 

We had fun singing songs like “All you Need is Love”, “Light a Candle for Peace” and “I Love You, You Love Me” 

Thank you so much for an awesome month together.

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?” – Martin Luther King Jr


Miss Kristin 


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