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Hello families !

We welcome February with love and hope as we continue to learn and grow together. The New Year is going great! We have been virtual for the month of January. We all focused on staying connected, staying healthy, and staying excited about learning. We remained hopeful and in high spirits. We are happy to be together face-to-face laughing and playing soon. We had a lot of fun online and all did our very best this past month. Thank you all for supporting your child’s online learning and for your kindness and encouragement.

We learned all about forest animals we are familiar with and see in our environment. We learned how these animals behave during winter. Students soared through this study as friends were using big words like hibernation and adapt. The children maintained a broad understanding of forest animals in winter, while focusing and reflecting on their favorite of the animals. Students remained inquisitive and excited as they asked focus questions about animals they colored in their hibernation book; “How does a bee hibernate?” and “Where do bats hibernate?” were just a few inquiries from our half-day class.  I am so proud of everyone!

We gathered information all about trees! We had fun with pretend stories like talking letters in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. We looked at pictures of trees we are familiar with in our environment and discussed why trees are important. They make paper, help us breath and are a resource for furniture and warmth!

We also studied the Israel Flag and the Dead Sea as part of our country of the month unit. We learned all about the salt that inhibits the beautiful Sea and how that salt prevents any fish or plants from making a home there. We talked about the power of the salt and how it can crystalize items that soak in it. The students enjoyed seeing pictures of the extra salted sea and the mineral mud that people travel near and far to spread on their skin.

We look forward to another exciting and adventures month of learning together. Thank you all for sharing your blessings with us.

Thank You,

Miss Kristin

“The time is always right to do what is right”

-Martin Luther King JR


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