Miss Kristin’s December News

Happy December Families 

We welcome the holiday season!
We are having so much fun learning and growing together. December is a time of love and togetherness. We want to share that with one another by having a holiday celebration! This will take place the morning of December 22nd. The children will sing songs with one another, make decorations and have yummy treats. We apologize that parents and guardians cannot attend and this will just be a staff and student get together. We are so excited to share the love we practice everyday in the classroom and emulate through one another here at First Steps. So pictures will be a part of the event and presented to all of you via online networks like email or First Steps Facebook page.

December will be so much fun! Our studies this month are the holidays, forest animals, balls, and the country of Holland. This month the children will be doing lots of holiday artwork, talking about the gifts we give by just being ourselves, and even preparing a gift to bring home! 

We will have two guest speakers in December! Miss Linda will be coming in to share about St.Nicholas and Airel Bailey Asa’s father; will be coming to teach about Hanukkah! 

Thank you for being you,

Peace and love, 

Miss Kristin 

Friendly Reminders: 

The excitement of snow is headed our way! New exploratory play and temperature lows will be upon us. Please make sure your child has a pair of snow pants to wear at school. Please also make sure your child is bringing gloves, a hat, and snow boots if there is snow on the ground.