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Hello families … happy April! We are so excited to get outside more as the weather continues to warm up. We will be talking a bit about all the rain that will water the trees, grass and flowers bringing them to the spring season. We will also discuss what we want to plant in our First Steps garden. We are thrilled to be studying England this coming month.

March was green galore and leprechaun madness as we worked with all types of materials, toys and games to celebrate St. Patrick’s day and Ireland; our country of study. We made our own flags, our own shamrocks and our own castles! We built castles with blocks and as a team with boxes and other materials. We enjoyed felt board stories about castles by Miss Kathy. Like, “Princess and the P” and “Rumpelstiltskin”. The children had fun identifying other stories that take place in a castle like Cinderella and Rapunzel! Our kiddos are so smart. We read lots of books about the country Ireland and traditions of St. Patty’s day both here in the USA as well as in Ireland.  We played with lots of green materials like green corn kernels and pasta pieces, green water, and green shaving cream. We began a unit on rainbows and will continue this into April as the spring season evolves and brings us beautiful colors in the sky and on the ground. The students made some rainbow pictures. Activities included markers, paint, and even a picture of a rainbow made with colorful bubbles!

We had lots of fun taking physical education (gym) in all kinds of different directions this past month.  We did some dancing together, went out exploring in nature to find signs of spring and enjoyed what we call a sensory diet. This is when we use a large space with a wall for us to prop and move our bodies on. We do things like walking up the wall, pushing and pretending to move the wall, and jumping up high to touch a part of the wall taller than yourself. Music in March was a blast as well. Uncle rock started singing lots of spring songs with us like “Inch by Inch”, “Rain Rain Rain” “Stormy Eyes” and “Windy”. 

We are looking forward to another great month together.

Thank you families! 

Miss Kristin  “ Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucious


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