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Happy May everyone! And Happy Mother’s Day! We spent a lot of time creating our Mother’s Day gifts and we really hope you enjoyed them! The seed balls were great fun to create! We took construction paper and cut it up into little pieces and let them soak in water. Next we added the paper mixture to a blender and created a “pulp”. Next we chose our colors, added wildflower seeds and formed it all into a ball. So fun! You can plant it in your garden or in a flowerpot and watch it grow! 

We also learned a lot about Korea! Audrey’s mom, Julie, came into school and taught us where Korea is located in the world. We learned what the national flower is, the hibiscus, and what the flag looks like. We learned about the special clothes they wear on holidays, what sports they like to play (soccer and taekwondo) and some of the foods they eat. We even learned some Korean words! After Julie’s presentation we were able to taste some of the Korean snacks, rice in seaweed and rice crackers! Yummy! 

Later that day Audrey‘s family treated us to a pizza party! Gam sa ham ni da, Audrey! Thank you! 

It was a great month to spend some more time in the garden! We are looking forward to a crop of tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, carrots, green beans, peas, basil, watermelon, pumpkins and more! Such an exciting time of year to see all the changes in our garden! 

In June will we will head to France! We are excited to learn about France from our pre-K friend, Xavi, and his mom! We will also be learning about frogs and other amphibians, Father’s Day and stepping up! 

Thank you for all you do! If you need anything please let us know! 

Heather and Kathy


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