Miss Heather’s & Miss Kathy’s March News

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Hello preschool families! Well February proved to be another fun filled month! It was so great to be able to get outside and play in the snow! The kids had so much fun building a snowman, making snow angels and even continued working on our snow fort! 

We visited China this month! Miss Kathy gave a presentation on some of the interesting places you can see in China! And we all ate fried rice! We learned about the Great Wall of China and build our own version in the big room with big blocks! 

We also celebrated Saint Valentine’s Day! We decorated our classroom, had lots of activities with the colors red, pink, purple and white and read lots of stories about love and being kind to our friends and family. On Valentine’s Day we had a little party and exchanged valentine cards with our classmates.  We even had a special treat for snack, cookies! 

We learned a lot about buildings this month too! We learned that there are lots of different types of buildings that people can live and work in. We even created our own town on our dry erase board in the classroom! We also drew a picture of the kind of building we would like to live in when we get older! 

February is dental health month and we read lots of stories on how we can keep our teeth clean and healthy! We also did a really fun science experiment! We took four hard-boiled eggs and place them in containers and added different liquids to the containers such as soda, vinegar, juice, and water. We then guessed what would happen to each egg based on what liquid was added to the cup. The next day we check to see if there were any changes to the eggs and boy were we surprised! Each egg was a little bit different, the soda egg was colored darker, the juice egg was a bit slimy, the vinegar egg’s shell was softer and the water egg didn’t seem to be affected at all. We then took toothbrushes and toothpaste to clean the eggs. What a great experiment for us all! 

We also started our “Mary Story’s” this month! Miss Mary is one of the district speech therapists and she works with some of the children in our school. She will be coming into our classroom on Tuesdays to read the kids a book. She brings props for the kids and sometimes they get to dress up as the characters in the story! Afterwards we get a treat or a special snack that goes with her story! So much fun! 

Coming up in March we will be visiting Ireland! We will also be talking about St. Patrick’s Day, Passover and Easter! 

*Reminder* – We will be closed April 1, 2nd and 5th for spring break! 

Thank you for all that you do! Heather and Kathy


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