Miss Heather’s & Miss Kathy’s February News

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Hello preschool families! Well we have had another fun filled month with your kids! We visited Israel this month. Miss Kristin gave a wonderful presentation on the country. We learned about the Dead Sea, how nothing can live in the water because of the high salt content. But it also enables people to float in the water more easily because of it! Also, people come from all over the world to bathe in the water and spread the mineral filled mud on their bodies! The mud is healing to the skin! We also learned about the different cities, what they eat and how they buy their foods in open markets. We made the Israeli flags and did a fun science experiment to see if some tacks would float in water that had different products added to the water including sugar, salt, cornstarch, and our controlled variable with nothing added to the water. We stirred up all the glasses and added the thumbtacks. And guess what? They all sunk! We were guessing that the tacks in the salt would float since adding the salt makes the water denser, but it didn’t work for us. This is why we love to experiment, so we can find out what happens! 

Another fun project we worked on was our After Christmas Tree! We first read the book and then we made different kinds of edible ornaments for our animal friends to eat, and they love them! Each time we add new ornaments, the next morning they would be gone! We plan on redecorating as often as we can! 

We also read “The Mitten” and “The Hat”, both written by Jan Brett. We were able to act out both books using a real mitten and hat and toy animals that we have in the classroom. 

We practiced putting on her snow clothes after reading “Thomas’ Snowsuit” by Robert Munsch. It’s a very silly story! Your kids are getting very good at getting their snow clothes on all by themselves! Try practicing at home, including zippering! 

Friday afternoons we have what we like to call, Game Day Friday. Miss Heather and Miss Kathy each pick out a board game, we divide into two groups, play the game, then we switch if we have enough time. So much fun! Some of the games we have played so far are …a few different memory games, color/shape bingo, Candyland and Chutes and Ladders. The kids are having a great time! 

All in all we had a very successful month! Next month we will be visiting China and learning a lot about their New Year celebration! We will also be celebrating Valentine’s Day! Look for a list of your child’s classmates! This is a really great time for them to practice writing their names even if it’s only their first letter! We will also be talking about Groundhog’s Day and February is National Dental Month, so I’ll be talking a lot about how to keep our teeth healthy! 

Please keep those snow clothes coming including snow pants, even when there is no snow. They really help to keep us warm and dry! And if your child wears their snow boots to school, please make sure they have shoes or sneakers to change into as they are much easier for your child to navigate the classroom in. 

Thank you for all you do to support us!

Miss Heather and Miss Kathy


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