Miss Heather’s & Miss Kathy’s April News

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Hello Parents! Happy April! It really feels like the winter flew by since we were having so much fun! 

In March we studied the country of Ireland and Miss Heather gave us a ton of information during her presentation and showed us lots of photos from her trip there! And we even ate delicious mashed potatoes, a dish that they eat often in Ireland! We did lots of decorating for our St. Patrick’s Day party by cutting out shamrocks and making rainbows in many different ways! We even did a science experiment with rainbows! On the day of our celebration we ate cupcakes with green icing from Miss Kim, played a shamrock alphabet game, and danced to Irish music in the big room with Miss Kristin‘s class! 

We were so happy to be able to get in the garden and start preparing the beds for us to plant in soon! We were also happy to see the first sign of spring! We took a nature walk and heard birds singing, saw grass growing, saw flower buds poking out of the ground and felt the warm air on our faces! 

We wrapped up the month learning about Passover and Easter. Miss Kristin shared some of her family’s Passover traditions and Miss Heather and Miss Kathy shared theirs about Easter. We even got to have a little Easter party and have an Easter egg hunt! 

Next month we will be visiting the country of England! We will also be learning a lot about reusing, reducing and recycling in preparation for Earth Day! We will talk more about spring, gardens and baby animals. And we will hopefully be able to spend some more time in our garden!

Thank you for all you do and please let us know if you need anything!

 Miss Heather and Miss Kathy


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