Miss Dawn’s September News

Hello UPK families

Welcome to an exciting year here at First Steps!  My name is Dawn Luchmee.  I started working at First Steps in January of 2020 and what an exciting time it has been!  During this time, I have been getting acquainted with our beautiful community of learners, parents, and staff.  I have dedicated my entire life to working with early childhood students from preschool to the second grade.  This is my life’s passion and I am happy to share this passion with your beautiful children.  As we have all been experiencing the ever-changing world of Covid-19, it is important to keep in mind that our world looks different right now.  I am hopeful that one day soon, things will change for the better.

As I look ahead to this upcoming school year, I am filled with hope and excitement that “every little thing is going to be alright”. This month we will spend most of our time getting to know one another and building a trustful environment in which we all feel safe, loved, and supportive of one another.  I truly have your children’s well-being at the heart of everything I do.  

This September we will spend much of our time discussing friendship and classroom routines.  We will discuss “social distancing”, wearing masks, and washing hands.  We will also be studying our beloved country, the USA, the life cycle of monarch butterflies, and apples.  I am especially excited about getting to know you, your children, and working with the loving staff at First Steps to create a curriculum that will be both stimulating and meaningful throughout the school year.

Family Portrait Graphic

As we strive to create a warm and loving environment, we are asking parents to please have your child bring in a 5” by 7” family photo to hang on our hallway bulletin board.  As the children pass this bulletin board, they are filled with warm feelings and the understanding that we are a community full of love and acceptance of one another.  Please bring in this photo on the first day of school so that we can put our family bulletin board together as quickly as possible.  Thank you in advance.

Each month, as we focus on different countries around the world, please let us know if you have a strong attachment to one of the countries that we will be studying.  We would be very happy to have you come in as a guest speaker to share your knowledge and love of that particular country with us.  As you may know, we welcome and accept people of all backgrounds and cultures.  Our monthly newsletters will keep you abreast of upcoming studies so please feel free to reach out to us at anytime if you feel that you have something valuable to offer to enhance our curriculum.  Thank you so much for entrusting us with your children.  I am looking forward to another joyful year spent with the people I hold dear, your beautiful children.

With love,

Miss Dawn