Miss Dawn’s October News

Hello Families,

Welcome to the month of October.  As always, we have a very exciting month planned for your children. 

Mexican graphic

This month we will be studying the country of Mexico.  Miss Brandi will lead us through this study with a PowerPoint presentation all about this beautiful country.  She may even make us some homemade guacamole!

Yummy!  Thank you, Miss Brandi. The children will also be learning some Spanish words such as, “hola” (hello) and “adios” (goodbye).  We will also be discussing how monarch butterflies fly all the way to Mexico from New York.  Wow!! That’s a long journey!!

Fire Prevention Graphic

The week of October 4th – October 10th, is Fire Prevention Week.  The children will be learning all about fire safety and may even meet some real live firefighters from the Woodstock Fire Department.  This will certainly be exciting, as it will bring the subject to life.  They may even get a glimpse inside one of the fire trucks.  We will keep you informed as we work out the details.  These visits are often very memorable and educational for the children.

Fall leaf image

This month we will continue our study of fall and fall trees.  We will be taking lots of walks to observe some of the changes that are taking place with the leaves.  Fall is a very exciting time for the children as they walk in the leaves and observe all the pretty colors.  We will be sure to bring some of this nature indoors to complete some colorful fall projects.

Halloween graphic

As you may know, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year.  For this reason, we will have our Halloween parade on Friday, October 30th.  The children will go for a short walk through the neighborhood and stop at various locations where they will collect something special from a staff member.  Due to COVID19, we are not able to invite parents to this event this year.  We are so very sorry.  Thank you for understanding. Please pack your child’s costume in his/her backpack that day and we will be happy to assist them with getting dressed.  Halloween is always super exciting for the children.  We are looking forward to this special occasion.

Happy Halloween!! 


Miss Dawn and the UPK Team