Miss Dawn’s November News

Hello UPK families,

Welcome to the month of November.  This month is sure to be exciting and educational for your children.  

As we celebrate the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we will focus on what it means to have a truly grateful heart.  The children will reflect on all of the special things and people in their lives that they appreciate and are grateful for. This study will include a mini unit on families and all the aspects of family life that make them so unique and special.  We will also include some history of the first Thanksgiving as it was celebrated, by the Pilgrims and Native Americans.  We will even have our very own special Thanksgiving snack to celebrate this holiday together.

Our country of study this month is Japan.  One of our First Steps’ parents will lead us through this study as she shares her knowledge and love of this beautiful country with us.  I look forward to learning more about Japan and the Japanese people.  Their rich culture and traditions are sure to surprise and delight the children and adults alike.

This month we will also take a close look at how animals prepare for winter.  We will discuss migration and hibernation.  The children are always fascinated by this study as they discover the intelligence and instincts of the animal kingdom.  Our study will include how bears and birds make adjustments in order to survive the cold winter.  

As the weather changes, please be sure to dress your child in layers.  We spend a lot of time out on the playground and proper attire certainly makes our playtime more enjoyable.

Happy Thanksgiving!!  I am grateful to share my life with your children!!


Miss Dawn and the UPK Team