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Hello UPK Families,

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of you!  As they say, everyone is Irish on St. Patty’s Day.  This month we also welcome spring, daylight savings time, and the holiday of Passover!  March is always an exciting month as our days get a little longer and the weather starts to change.  Let’s see if March really “comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb”.

During the month of February we welcomed our students back into our building.  It has been so nice to see their smiling faces and interact with them on a more personal level.  They are truly a gift and I am grateful to be their teacher and have them back inside the classroom.

During the month of February, we celebrated Valentine’s Day!  We discussed what love is and how love is felt inside our hearts.  The children enjoyed distributing their Valentine’s to their friends and making cards for their families.  We also read lots of stories about Valentine’s day such as Clifford’s First Valentine’s Day and There Was an Old Lady that Swallowed a Rose.  We made lots of Valentine’s Day crafts and wore our “Love Bugs” headband in celebration of this holiday.  Thank you so much for sending in Valentines for the children to distribute.  They had so much fun filling up each other’s goody bags.

Last month we also studied the country of China.  We finger painted flags of China and viewed a China PowerPoint Presentation created by Miss Kathy.  We even enjoyed some of Miss Kathy’s homemade fried rice.  It was so delicious!  Thank you, Miss Kathy.  We also celebrated Chinese New Year and discussed how this year is the year of the ox.  We looked at different photos of oxen and discussed what these anim­­als look like and some of the ways they help people.  Did you know that people born in the year of the ox are dependable and calm?  They are also good listeners and have very strong ideas! 

Last month we also started our Creative Curriculum Unit on Buildings.  We took a tour of our own building and discussed what our building is used for and what purpose each room serves.  We also talked about different building features and counted how many doors, windows, and steps our building has.  We also talked about different kinds of buildings such as skyscrapers, igloos, castles, huts, and teepees.  We discovered what these buildings are made of and what they might be used for.  The children also used different materials in our classroom to build their own buildings.  We had so much fun!

As always, I look forward to the coming month with your children.  If you need me for anything, I am just an email away.

“Spring will come and so will happiness.  Hold on.  Life will get warmer.” – Anita Krizzan

With love,

Miss Dawn and the UPK Team


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