Miss Heather & Miss Kathy’s January News

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Hello preschool families! 

We have had a fun filled month working with your kids! December was a whirlwind month! 

We visited Holland this month and had so much fun learning about the canals, tulips and windmills. We were even able to get a taste of Holland by trying Dutch cookies and Gouda cheese. Yum! Thank you Miss Kathy for teaching us about Holland.

We also spent some time this month talking about woodland animals and how they prepare for winter. The children discovered which animals hibernate, migrate or adapt. Your kids can tell you all about it! We did an awesome science experiment using lard in a baggie and ice cubes to show how animals fatten up for winter in order to stay warm! It works! The kids also created a bear cave in the classroom to hibernate. They really enjoy discovering all the animals that live around us!

We were excited to talk about all the holidays and traditions that are in December. We had two guest speakers this month!

Miss Linda shared her family’s tradition of celebrating Saint Nicholas Day, another Dutch tradition. She told the children a felt board story and while we were discussing how we could be kind to each other, Saint Nicholas put trinkets into their shoes that were left in the hallway, as the legend goes. Thank you Miss Linda!

Asa’s dad Ariel, taught us about Hanukkah and the traditions that he shares with his family. We lit the candles on the menorah as Ariel sang the prayers. We played with dreidels and ate some delicious latkes!! Thank you Ariel we all had so much fun!

The kids really loved making ornaments for our Christmas tree in school. We also painted a giant menorah to hang in our window. There were lots of opportunities to explore holiday themed water trays and slime. There was so much to do to prepare for the holidays!

Please remember we go outside twice a day even in the snow and cold weather! We ask that you send snow pants, boots, waterproof mittens, hats, etc. We are happy to keep these items at school to make your drop off easier. Please make sure your child’s clothing is labeled to avoid confusion. It’s important that we go outside and having clothes to keep us warm and dry make it so much more fun! Thank you! 

Hope you all enjoyed your holidays at home. We wish you a healthy, happy New Year!

Miss Kathy and Miss Heather