Ms. Kimberly’s April News

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Welcome April! Throughout this month, our focus will be on exploring various themes such as weather, the arrival of spring, and farm animals. Our community helper spotlight will shine on farmers, and we will learn about their important role within our community.

Excitement awaits as we prepare to witness the miracle of life firsthand by hatching chicks right in our classroom. Alongside this experience, we will learn about the life cycle of chickens and complete other activities that complement the different themes of the month.

As the season transitions into spring, we will take refreshing walks outdoors, where we will search for the signs of spring.

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Get ready for a month filled with discovery, learning, and joy!

All the Best,

Ms. Kimberly, Ms. Brandi, and Ms. Angelina

Alphabet Focus: We’ll be concentrating on the letters X,  Y, and Z. During our activities, we will develop proficiency in recognizing, writing, and connecting these letters with their corresponding sounds. We will also continue to practice recognizing and writing our names!

Miss Heather’s Preschool April News

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Happy Spring! It’s hard to believe it’s April already! With spring comes mud and unpredictable weather, so please continue to send in extra clothes and warm layers for your child. We are looking forward to warmer weather and spending more time outdoors!

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This month we will be looking for signs of spring all around us! We will be discussing the weather as we observe the changes in nature. We will start planning our school garden and begin growing seeds in our classroom. It’s exciting to get in the garden and start prepping the beds for planting. We will also be learning about Earth Day (April 22nd) and what we can do to help the Earth. There will be plenty of spring activities as we embrace the new season.

Miss Kimberly’s class plans to hatch chicks in an incubator. We are excited to share this experience as we learn about the life cycle of a chicken. This is a 21 day process that always provides amazing learning opportunities. Stay tuned! Our community helper this month is a farmer! We are eager to discover more about such hard working members of our community.

We are ready for another fun filled month! Your children have grown so much already! They continue to inspire us every day!

Heather, Alex and Ashley

Miss Michelle’s April News

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Happy April!

April showers bring May flowers and we are so excited to see some our hard work pay off this month in the garden. We will also be starting seeds in our classroom that when it is warm enough, we will be able to move to our school garden.

This month, spring will officially take over our classroom as we focus on spring themed projects and activities. We will learn about baby animals that are born in spring such as rabbits, squirrels, and deer. We can’t wait to extend our classroom to the outdoors as the weather gets nicer and get to see the signs of spring first-hand.

woman farmer with cow

This month, we will learn about gardeners and farmers and the important jobs they have in our communities.

young scientists with test tubes

We have some exciting science projects planned to help celebrate spring and the weather changes that come with it. We will be making our own seed houses using grass seed as well as some of our very own clouds! We will also continue our handwriting progress and focusing on the letters “X”, “Y” and “Z”.

We are looking forward to some warmer days spent outside and in springtime that means a lot of mud! Please double check your child’s clothes bin to make sure they have plenty of spare clothing (and to make sure what they have still fits! They have grown like crazy since the fall!) Also, rain boots are a great idea for going outside on the playground to keep shoes clean.

We look forward to another great month of fun and learning with you and your child!

All our best: Miss Michelle & Miss Helen