Preschool March News

We hope you have noticed that the children are recognizing their names in print. Many can also read their friends’ names! It is such a joy to watch the children discover that all those straight, curve and diagonal slide lines have meaning. Making cards to exchange on Valentine’s Day seems to us to be a celebration not only of good friends but also the unlocking of this great mystery – printed language!

First Steps Wacky Wednesday ImageAs March begins we find ourselves enjoying lots of silly Seuss stories, rhymes and nonsensical words in celebration of Dr. Seuss. Wednesday, March 7, we will have a mixed-up, wacky day, based on the silly Wacky Wednesday story! Children are invited to dress in any mixed up, backwards, crazy way they desire! So much fun to share! Next, we will consider what land mass is surrounded by water? Islands, of course! We will learn about Ireland this montFirst Steps Leprechaun Imageh, and on Friday, March 16, all are invited to wear green for St. Patrick’s Day. We will enjoy lots of green shamrock art projects and stories of tricky leprechauns! As we approach the end of the month, we will begin to look for early signs of spring. Are birds building their nests? Will they lay their eggs soon? What is growing? We will plant some seeds; hypothesizing and predicting, observing and documenting! So much discovery and learning going on! Beach Day, Tuesday, March 20, brings First Steps Beach Imagethoughts of the coming warmer months! The children are invited to wear their bathing suits at school! We will crank up the heat in the big room, and have a school-wide fun time pretending to be at the beach! We will also have fun with colored eggs, chicks and bunnies during the week of March 26 – March 28!



First Steps Magic ImageDon’t forget to come have fun on Friday, March 9 – our Family Fun night Magic Show (5 – 6pm)!  School picture day is Friday, March16! Preschool is closed Thursday March 29 – Monday April 2. Enjoy the break!

We love your children and we love you! Thank you for all that you do!

Ginny Workstus and all the preschool teaching staff!